The Vineyard on the Prairie
The Vineyard on the Prairie
The Vineyard on the Prairie
The Vineyard on the Prairie


Old Folsom Vineyard was established in 2007 by the Gould family. We aim to produce high-quality, cold-climate grapes grown with a sustainable approach and environmental stewardship to the land.


Old Folsom Vineyard grows a number of cold-climate grapes including the following...
The grandson of Pinot Noir, Marquette is a red grapes with notes of cherry, black pepper, and spice.
Frontenac grapes are used in dry, red wines, rosés, and ports. They give off notes of cherry and other red fruits.
La Crescent
La Crescent is a an acidic white grape with hints of apricot, peach, citrus, and honey.
Frontenac Gris
Frontenac gris are sweet, medium-sized grapes with notes of peach, apricot, citrus, and pineapple.


You can find wine made from Old Folsom Vineyard's grapes at Firehouse Wine Cellars on Main Street in downtown Rapid City, SD.

Stories & Events

There's not much we enjoy more than bringing people together through wine and stories--often both at the same time.
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