Tradition, Year 1

This specialty Marquette is a limited annual offering of just one barrel. Each year we will add new wine to the barrel from our latest vendemmia, or grape harvest, by using the solera process for aging. Using a fractional blending method means that this limited Marquette will be a special mixture of ages, with its average age gradually increasing as we repeat this process over years to come. This method also ensures that each bottle will always have a little of the original Marquette from our first year as a winery to pass on to others.

“Generation to generation we pass on traditions of quality and excellence. These are the gifts of our past. This handcrafted wine comes from Old Folsom Vineyard’s Marquette grapes. The warm South Dakota sun, paired with cool nights, help create a deep flavor of intensity and complexity. We then aged this special edition Marquette for over two years in our French Oak barrels to impart the finest flavors. Our roots are our tradition, a strong foundation that is forever growing. Like our roots, tradition grounds us, nurtures us and makes us who we are. This is our finest tradition.”

It has a delicious sweet cherry cordial taste on the palate along with a hint of almonds, caramel and slight tannins on the finish, and it pairs well with a good snuggly night around the fireplace or after a hard day of outdoors enjoyment.